Hi, I am Isabella Borges

I work with: Motion Design/Animation, Graphic Design and Web Design.

Animation - When Science Attack!
Matte Painting - Castle
Kinetic Typography - Were is My Supersuit
Animation/Animatic - Gerônimo-Jacques Space Explorer
Infographic Animation - Medicines: Disposal and Storage
Wanderlust - app concept
Redesign Logo ADEOP
Watercolor Illustration
Little Red Riding Hood and The Missing Wolf - Editorial
Colored Pencil Illustration
Tourism Branding - South Africa
Cartão de Natal CAB
Cartão de Boas Festas AS - Itaipu Binacional
Visual identity - AMIL Construções
Website - Simul
Book of Imaginary Beings - Editorial Project
Menu - Pizzaria Viva Antônio
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